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Who am I?

I am a chronic illness advocate. I am blessed with a plethora of different chronic health conditions and I advocate for all! Multiple sclerosis has been my clingy and unwanted companion for 10+ years. I became a Zebra last year, diagnosed with the connective tissue condition Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder (HSD) and many of its associated conditions, after much self-led research and advocacy.

What makes Melly tick?

I love to learn, research, assimilate and communicate. I’m a Doctor of Physics, so it’s no surprise that I Heart Science, lapping the stuff up. I’ve taught and supported university students, run projects as an IBM team lead and project manager and worked as a technical content designer and content strategist. I love to share knowledge, create evidence, understand, inspire, represent, build relationships and listen.

Why does Melly blog?

I blog to empower others. I want to share all that I learn on this chronic illness journey, in the hope that some of the many different lemons that life gives us can perhaps be made less bitter….maybe even turned into a fizzy sweet refreshment.

I hope I can add some sparkles of clarity, ideas and encouragement to your own journey. I hope that I can learn about the Life Lemons and Lemonade from your world that you choose to share; that you can shape this endeavour. I hope I can be of service. I’m all ears.

What else does Melly do?

I have my fingers in all sorts of advocacy pies! If you think I can help you in any of my roles, do drop me a line at

  • voluntary researcher, survey designer, analyst and project manager, currently working in the MS Hampshire Project Group, a collaborative group formed to improve local MS services in Hampshire. The group includes, among others, the MS Society.
  • Part of a team of volunteers with MS who run Hampshire MS Support.
  • Member of the European MS Platforms’ Young Person’s Network
  • Shift.MS Champion

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    From April 2016, you need 35 years of NI contributions to get the State Pension in full, so it is even more important to claim ESA or UC to get your NI credits.

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